The Invasion of Athena and First mission.

Hey everyone so today im happy to report the first battle report not only on my youtube channel but also on this blog. This is part of the Invasion of Athena campaign for the heart of the sector. This post not only will have a link to the battle report but also will add a little bit of info about the initial invasion. I thought this would be fun to do and also we got a video battle report that should get people going.

Chronicle of the Initial Invasion.

Day 1 Time of engagement zero hour- Iron Warriors Fleet enters in the system and refuses to any transmission.
Day 1 Time of engagement 2nd hour - Iron Warriors Fleets enters in weapon range and begins to setup a blockage at this time Imperial Defenders are worried about intentions.
Day 1 Time of engagement 3rd hour - Iron Warrior's Fleet begins a broadcast now known as the articles of surrender " To all sons of the true Imperium we ask you to join our case in ridding the Imperium of the true traitors on Terra. Join us and our v…

Naval forces of the Expanse

Greetings everyone today we have another fluff report this time talking about the first battle of the Athena Sector in the Horus Heresy and also a prelude to the main campaign with talks about the inital fleet battle and also the loyalist and traitor naval strength. Since im still producing fleets for these armies not alot pictures will pop up but eventually we will see these titanic fleets battles it out. Till that day though pic captures from the web and other things will do as we talk about the First battle and strengths of the Fleets.This is also going to be a larger blog post then most.


As with many reports and information from the Horus Heresy we can only get a glimpse into both the commanders and exact figures. As we look further into the Athena Conflict as it was soon to be known we try to get a grasp of what both sides commanders where both thinking…

Grand Campaign The Athena Sector

Greetings everyone today im happy to report that im moving toward the first big campaign in the Horus Heresy. This is the start of my muilt media project and one i've been wanting to do for years. One of the big things about it is this will not just be a one off campaign but multiple campaigns that will go through the start of the Heresy till the very end and some elements of the scouring. This is a pretty ambitious idea but one I think I will be able to pull off with a few friends as well as having some fun. Also during the in between each campaign I will be posting fluff as well as other narratives including my own armies i'll be painting up and also some info about my friends and other participates armies fluff as we go through it.

 This is where our campaign is going to start in the fabled Athena Expanse set up in the galactic north of Segmentum Obscurus while being farther then Isstvan. In recent years it has been the sight of a major Imperial push to try to pacify the …

First Game of Shadow Of War and a Campaign

Greetings everyone, Aaron from the Soban network with a little post about some gaming goodness here on The Soban Network. So today I had my first game of Shadow of War for warhammer 40k and I have to say I was happily impressed. Now this game reminded me abit of the old mordheim table top games since its like a small skirmish game but with some RPG elements. Despite it also being some of me and my buddies first games we got through it pretty quickly so the rules are not to bad to learn. So today we did two games, the first one was our demo game and the second was our campaign mission. Our list where pretty basic and i'll post below a summary of our games.

Opponents Kill Team.

Veteran sergeant - 150 pts - Bolt Pistol - Camo Gear  
 Veteran Guardsman - 100 pts - Lasgun - Camo gear - Clip Harness 
Veteran Guardsman - 100 pts - Lasgun - Camo gear - Clip Harness 
Veteran Guardsman - 100 pts - Lasgun - Camo gear - Clip Harness 
Veteran Guardsman - 100 pts - Lasgun - Camo gear - Clip Harn…

Hobby stuff and getting back into the swing.

Hey everyone so a personal blog today to talk about getting back into the swing of the hobby and of course hobby progress. I think just the little things make up most of your projects and in this blog I think one of the things to talk about is setting up your personal space.

So since settling in more I'm happy to say got a better hobby and personal space setup. Right now setup in the basement and got a lot of room I can grow. I set out on this setup with a few objectives in mind. One that I got my computer of course setup but also that I could actual work on projects. Lastly I just want to add some personal touches to it to make it more homely as a office.

So as you can see I got my main rig setup with my single monitor. Its got everything I can need for recording both video's and audio and with being in the basement I got more ability to do that. The accoustic so far isn't to bad and so far I think I'll be able to get more stuff recorded and hopefully get a podcast ro…

Horus Heresy Rulebook Delayed?

( Picture provided by the Warhammer community page)

Hello everyone this is Aaron from the Soban Network here with some saddening though still good news. The Horus Heresy rule book slated to be on preorder today has been delayed due to and im quoting from the article it self " Following a print quality check, the decision has been made to delay the rulebook in order to make sure it meets the exacting standards you expect from all Forge World products.". 

Though this leaves us unsure of when we are getting our fabled redbook of glory I think this is a good thing. First off it means that instead of a rush production they are going to be able to recheck several parts of the book to insure its up to stuff. I hope this will also mean unlike some previous releases several rechecks of the book for rule wording, typos and other issues that have come up in the past will be also corrected and rechecked. I also hope that these books will also keep the same quality that of material th…

These are the Voyages.

Hey everyone today just wanted to share a hidden gem and one that brings some nostalgia into life. Today we are going to be talking and sharing my experience with Star Trek Adventures the Startrek Rpg by Modiphius Entertainment. Allowing you to live out many long times fans dreams of taking part in the voyages of StarFleet officer.

The game it self is based on its own 2D20 system that allows players to easily acquire dice and ease into gameplay. The Rules them self's are very open ended and instead of a traditional D20 system of rules like D&D this games plays and feels to a very narrative and cinematic game play that puts you really into the heart of shows. The rules them selfs also don't have alot of precision and with the rules you can play into any of the Time line eras, as a example you can play as a crew member as part of the Original series era and can easily swap out and play The Next Generation Era. This fluidity in rules allows anyone new to playing role playing…