RVB Season 15 Coming out
So I saw on the web tonight something very exciting for those gamers and lovers of halo, the Red Vs Blue season 15 is coming out. A Machinima and Animated series done by Rooster teeth it fellows 2 unlikely teams as they struggle against constant threats. With it add in a unique humor and great story telling this is a much see so check out the trailer here at

Aus30k and Horus Heresy

Horus Heresy and a Wonderful campaign site.
Greetings everyone today I have a special treat for all those hobbyist out there and a wonderful example out on the net. Today I am going to be talking about Australis Ultima or also known as aus30k a wonderful website set around The Horus Heresy. Now this is a independent website designed to help run campaigns and give people a free open end resource that lets you really design a campaign. I found this a neat website and want to talk about some the strong points of the website that may even help out your campaigns.

A General Overview of the Site

The main website is divided into a few parts that allow ease of exploration for people to get into it. One of the main subjects is all open campaigns which you can find on the main page located here ( The second section is divided into separate legions, armies or other factions that was around this sci-fiction history. N…

Top Mods to check in 2017

The Top mods to check out in 2017
Hello everyone my name is Aaron from The Soban Network here to kick off are first piece on the blog. Today we are going to be checking some of the top mods in 2017 you should check out. Now everything posted on here will be primarily focused on PC game modding which can include some off the net as well as those you can find readily available on Steam. So lets get this list rolling.

X-Com 2 The Long War 2
This is probably one of my favorite mods on this list and probably one of the most professional modding group out there. Pavonis Interactive is the creative team behind one of the biggest expansion for one of the top games in 2016. They also have a unique place on this list as they actually worked with creative assembly (the creators of Xcom 2) to actually launch content right off the bat.
Now what the mod deliveries is a great and more challenging experience for those veterans of the xcom series as well a host of new options for Xcom 2…

What the blog is about.

The Soban Network Blog
Greetings everyone, first off welcome to the new Soban Network Blog. This is exciting time for myself as this is a stretch goal for expanding the network. The whole goal of the blog is to provide both gaming and hobby news to you the wonderful reader. This will expand on services we already provide with the youtube channel and as well as the twitter.

Why should I read this blog?

Well this one is a easy one to answer for new readers as this is going to be a gaming and hobby blog. With video game reviews and talks about up and coming things in the industry as I can report them. This will also be also try not to be biased writing since I want to try to give the best reviews about new items coming up. This is one of the main focuses to talk about upcoming items.
The hobbyist should also look into this blog since I will be talking about some hobby items. This will include up and coming item reviews, in addition to army progress for games like Warhammer 4…